Here's a list of those who have already signed up for our reunion weekend events so far. Be sure to sign up - it's so easy.

Just RSVP for each of the three events (on the "RSVP for Events Here" page), and then navigate to the "Pay for Tickets Here" page to pay for Saturday evening.

And if you know someone who should be on this list (or whom you'd like to see on this list), make the call! Let's get everyone involved.


Choose Event:

A.L Summerlin
A.L. Summerlin
Alan Summerlin
Anne Tramposh
Bill Knabe (knabe)
Bill Schultz
Carl Bingham
Chris Curry
Cindy Garrett (Lively)
Craig R (Warren)
Craig Warren
Darrell Cossairt
David Pitts
Debby Orrick (Howland)
Dennis Meyers
Don Carrel
Doug Hammontree
Doug Potter (potter)
Doug M. Edwards
Dr. Tom Barlow
Eric (Rick) Kirkendall
Jaima Kelley (McGuire)
Jeff Stringfield
Jim Haas
Jim Hollinger
Joanne Lasley (Hensley)
Joe Slyker
John Howland
Joyce Lasley (Worthington)
Karen Mayes (Sobanek)
Kathy Gaylord (Enslen)
Kathy Lorimer (Minich)
Kathy O'Dowd (O'Dowd)
Katy Cossairt
Kay Parks (Haas)
Kristin Kennedy (Bowen)
Kristine Handwerk (Wiskes)
Linda Cerovich (Blasor)
Linda Hammontree
Mary Whitson (Martin)
Mary Warren (Warren)
Maryette Stringfield
Nancy Johnson (Clark)
Nancy Weber
Nicki Feagan (Gullickson)
Pam Beets (Kermoade)
Patricia Bingham
Patricia Knight
Paula Slyker
Perry Wing
Richard Harlan (Harlan)
Rick Tramposh
Ruthanne Potter
Ruthanne Zulauf (Potter)
Sandie Davisson (Kelly)
Sandra Davisson (Kelly)
Shari Harlan
Sherry Harvey (Hilleary)
Steven Clark
Sue Beard (Summerlin)
Susan Zorn (Hutchins)
Tom Barlow
Tom Hilleary
Tom Jr (Woods)
Tom Woods
Tomina Meyers
Wade Martin
Wayne Sloan