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Cheri Brooks (Stubblefield)
2012-08-06 12:41:02
Great job on the web site!  I'm sure the reunion events will be equally cool.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing your stories.  We'll all have much to share, what with 40 years of experience to draw from.  And btw, the photos already posted are a real treat, so I'll post mine soon.  Thanks for making all of this happen! Send Cheri a MessageSend Cheri a Message
Sally Mann (Sughroue)
2012-07-11 23:17:18

This site is just way too much fun!!  I'll be checking in frequently to see who's back in touch.  Not sure if I'll make the reunion or not so all information here  will be savored like fine wine - :)!  

Nancy Wagner, I know you're out there somewhere!! 

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Susan Beard (Summerlin)
2019-03-05 10:22:39
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Mark Swanstrom
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2012-07-12 13:06:19

I enjoyed the 60th BD celebration in Mission. I wished a few more classmates could have joined in, but it was a fun group anyway. 
I am keeping busy in gov't R&D in Wash DC until I retire from 2nd career in next couple years. I can then see my 5 granchildren on a more regular basis. Here is a 2003 picture with my wife when I retired from Marines. I was skinny back then!     

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Margaret Briguglio (Swetnam)
2012-08-06 14:40:43
I'm married to Mike Swetnam, SMN66, and we live in Tucson, Arizona where I teach fitness classes.  Am looking forward to becoming reacquainted with some of you, and meeting everyone else! Send Margaret a MessageSend Margaret a Message
Deb Hydeman (Swirczynski)
2018-09-22 21:55:11
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Roger Tarbutton
2012-08-06 14:36:04
I also have fond memories from SMN and hope to attend some of the festivities.  After some twists and turns in the road of life and almost as an afterthought I attended law school and have been employed in the profession for 30 yrs., the last 20 at the county counselors office in Olathe where I work with several county departments.  Along the way I married an SMS graduate (Ruth) and have a daughter (Sharon) who is graduating from KU in May.  Hope to retire in a couple of years and begin a new career, perhaps in a more right brain pursuit.  Will post a now photo when I find one that does me justice! Send Roger a MessageSend Roger a Message
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2012-08-06 14:40:44

This photo was taken last December at the Mayor's Christmas tree lighting at Crown Center. It includes my wife of 39 years, Debbie, a SMW69 graduate, and my three grandchildren, Noah 9, Emma, 5 and Payten 19 months

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Joyce Shepherd (Templeton)
2012-08-06 14:21:27
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Julia Terry
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2012-07-12 00:58:15
So sorry to have missed the reunion, but am enjoying the photo's placed here.  Additionally sad to read the Remembrances group, so many gone.

Have gone back and read all the postings, and lo and behold, two of us (Skip Carleton and I) have ended up in Northern California doing the same thing for a living, Professional Land Surveyor's (PLS after our name).  It has been great to read where everybody is and what they have done and are doing now.  Sherry Hilleary respomnded to an email from me saying there is hope to get a 60th birthday get together going.  I hope to make that one.
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Larry Thomas
2012-08-06 14:42:37
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gary na (thompson)
2012-08-06 14:40:43

high school wasnt my best years.  but life is to good to not enjoy.  im divorced. no kids of my own just a couple i look out for.i got into hvac. now im a mechanical contractor.  gee high school was a long time ago.

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Rick Tramposh
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2019-05-25 20:22:32
I retired approx.4 yrs ago. My wife and I are now living on a lake in Arkansas. We have 2 wonderful boys who were both identified gifted early on. (must have got their mothers brains). We are enjoying life tubing behind my boat on the lake, and doing volunteer work. I also like riding my motorcycle, exploring new things, and teaching Sunday School.  Hobbies include Extension Master Gardener, photography, and hiking the incredible hills around here. I feel blessed. Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Debi Morris (Turnbull)
2012-08-06 14:29:33
We can't all be honing in on 60???!!!!  Can't wait to visit with everyone again.  This web site is outstanding and I've been able to connect to many of my old friends.  See you in June...."Still crazy after all these years" Send Debi a MessageSend Debi a Message
Steve Twibell
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2012-08-06 14:30:41
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Donna Chrisman (Umbenhower)
2012-08-06 12:40:24
Hey, this sounds like a lot of fun, even if we DO have to admit that we'll be 60.  I guess there's no denying it (since by son turns 40 this week).

Happy Birthday everyone!!!  I'll be there.
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Theresa Miller (Vanover)
2012-08-06 14:34:07
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Pam McMullen (Veit)
2019-02-10 21:41:34
Wow it's 2019 Send Pam a MessageSend Pam a Message
Nancy Wagner
2012-08-06 14:30:42
This sounds like fun! I think I'll be in town that weekend, and with any luck won't have to work. So I'm looking forward to seeing you all! Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Mary Walbridge
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2012-08-06 12:31:56
Thanks for all your hard work committee!  Am looking forward to seeing SMN Classmates again after so many years.  It will be a wonderful weekend back in Kansas City. Send Mary a MessageSend Mary a Message
Dennis Walker
2012-08-06 14:45:20
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone. And remembering and reminiscing the good times we had in school. I really was shaken to see that there were so many of our class mates that had been called back to be with our Lord in Heaven.
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Mindy Maloney (Walker)
2012-08-06 14:30:53
I've waited 40 years for a reunion but won't be able to make it because my third grandchild is due that week. Since grandchildren are the big payoff for making it through raising children, I have to be there! I moved to North Carolina after SMN and met the love of my life, Rusty. We have moved in circles with Rusty's job to Tulsa, New Orleans, Beaumont, Tulsa, NC and back to New Orleans. Our three daughters kept finding us and now we all live within an hour of each other. We really feel very lucky to have them that close, especially with the grandchildren. I married in 1971 and spent most of my life since then having babies and spending as much time as possible being a part of their lives. I even worked as the attendance lady in my youngest daughter's high school in Tulsa (great fun). After years of suburbia, we now live in a condo on a busy street in New Orleans (on high ground) and enjoy the music and magic that this city offers. Rusty is an environmental director for a NO based company that stores petroleum products and I do layout for a local publishing company. I would have loved seeing everyone and know it's going to be great fun but I already canceled a Mediterranean cruise for this birth! Maybe next time. Send Mindy a MessageSend Mindy a Message
Keith Wallace
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2012-08-06 14:40:43
Wow - I had all these things I wanted to say and now that I'm here I'm struggling for words. A hopeless nostalgic, I admit to being saddened by the 'dead list' - a stark reminder of our humanity. Stayed in KC until 1976 then moved to VA Beach to chase my now wife of 32 years.  The 80's were a blur - four kids, three houses, two college degrees.  Moved to PAX River Maryland as a flight test engineer in 1988. The 90's kept us busy raising the kids. I am now a professional writer and business developer.  

The biggest change in our lives came when our only son Matt was killed in Baghdad in 2006. The whole family will probably be redefining and rediscovering our new 'normal' for a long time. 

We've taken up international travel and scuba diving. Our daughters are awesome! I really enjoy seeing the pics here and wish everyone peace and prosperity. Enjoy the reunion!
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Linda Spory (Walls)
2018-08-27 23:09:24
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Karen Hogelund (Ward)
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2018-09-30 10:19:16
I have lived in Buffalo, Wyoming for the past 35 years. I have been married for 47 years to an SMN grad, class of '65. We have a son who is 45 and a daughter, 43 and two grandsons. I retired 3 years ago after working as a Registered Nurse for 25 years. Yes, I was a "returning student," which is a nice way of saying, "37 year old lady goes back to school!" My husband was a hospital CEO until retiring last year due to a Stage IV cancer diagnosis. I have not received previous notices of reunions, so I was glad to get this one. Fifty years is a big deal. Can't make any promises whether I will make it to this one given my husband diagnosis, but love reading up on peoples lives. Send Karen a MessageSend Karen a Message
Craig R (Warren)
2019-06-12 13:02:02
Hi All, After spending the last 17 years in Alabama, Roll Tide, moved back to Lawrence, KS Rock Chalk, in June/2018. I look forward to seeing you all. Send Craig a MessageSend Craig a Message
Nancy Weber
2012-07-11 23:17:40
Can't wait to see everybody. Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Don Wendt
2012-08-06 14:45:20
Sorry I'm so late, just found this site(June 1st.). 40 years doesn't seem possible. After I graduated I went to Ottawa University in ks. Graduated in 1973 started working for a firm in the green industry. Moved to Wichita, Ks in 1980 to take a position with a lawn and tree company. Been here  ever since. Started my own Lawn and Landscape company in 1985, Still going strong. Married with 2 boys, Eric and Travis. Helped raise another boy Jeff. He was a friend of Eric's in the 9th grade and having problems at home. We agreed he could stay with us thru the summer. He finally moved out after he turned 21. All three boys work for me and doing well. No grand kids yet.
Looking forward to seeing everyone and catching up. Its been difficult keeping in touch living in Wichita.
It looks like there have been several people who have put alot of work in putting this together. Many thanks, its great that we can all get together once again. See ya'll there.
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Russell White
2012-08-06 12:41:26

Hi to the Class of "69".  Great website.  Fran and I are looking forward to the weekend and hope we have a great turnout.
It's going to be good to reconnect with old friends

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Sandy Manning (White)
2012-08-06 14:34:07
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