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Sue Gandy
2012-08-06 12:37:14
I hope to be able to come and catch up with everyone.
see ya
Soon Sue
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Rosie Butler (Garrett)
2012-08-06 14:40:44

Wow, our class of '69 has certainly scattered to all the corners of the earth.  It has been wonderful to catch up on so many friends from the "old days."  I never got too far from Shawnee Mission North.  I live in Olathe, with my husband, Mike.  We have 4 children, Audra - who lives in Shawnee, Matthew - who is with the US State Dept. and is soon to be stationed in Brazil, Michael - who resides in Sweden, and Morgan - who is in Arizona.    I teach school... 5th grade.  I really love my life and family.  I know in real time it's been 40 years but it sure doesn't seem like it!

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Susanna Garrett
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2012-08-06 14:30:47
 CLASS of 1969    
Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend the famous SMN CLASS OF 1969 REUNION. The good news is I am flying to Portland and renting a car with my brother and son Robert to attend Robert’s graduation from Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Oregon, which is near Corvallis, Oregon. 
Last week, I retired from Laramie County School District #1 in Cheyenne, Wyoming as a district wide physical therapist and assistive technology consultant. After graduating from SMN, I worked near Rocky Mountain National Park outside of Estes Park for 3 summers while attending KU. I graduated from KU and KUMC in physical therapy, continued to work in Topeka, Kansas for 3 years, and then moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1977.
While completing his dissertation, Patrick, our other son, is a professor at UCONN, another basketball university. I visit him each year traveling by car or plane.
When passing through Wyoming please do not hesitate to call. The past several years, Cheyenne’s businesses continue to grow because it is crossroads of US Highway 25 and 80. Our altitude is around 6,200 feet that is higher than mile high city of Denver. Due to the dry weather and high altitude, our summers are pleasant without generally need of air conditioning or bug control. We are 90 miles North of Denver and 45 miles from Fort Collins. Now Cheyenne’s greenway wraps around and through the entire town.  Cheyenne has the largest outdoor rodeo that is Cheyenne Frontier Days. Cheyenne Frontier Days are the last full week of July each year. Boy, I sound like a travel agent. 
My husband, Jim Garner, is a tall Brit. Of course, we look like Mutt and Jeff. Jim and I enjoy traveling and go through Kansas City annually to visit my brother, Charles. The picture is our 2007 Christmas trip to Mexico. 
Know you will celebrate this weekend. Enjoy!  Susanna Garrett
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Gayla Kramer (George)
2012-08-06 12:37:14
The site looks great. I will spread the word, still see a lot of people at my restaurant. Send Gayla a MessageSend Gayla a Message
Debi Blanchard (Gill)
2012-08-06 12:38:08
This is a great site. Thank you Send Debi a MessageSend Debi a Message
Denny Gill
2012-08-06 14:30:51
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Don Gill
2012-08-06 14:42:38
 Thanks for creating the website.  Send Don a MessageSend Don a Message
John Golba
2012-08-06 14:32:31
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Bruce Goll
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2012-08-06 14:45:20
I regret that I will not be able to attend the 40th reunion, but I was already scheduled to work stage crew for my daughters dance recital this weekend long before I was even made aware of the reunion.

Here is what my life has been for the last 40 years.  I have been married twice, still married to my second wife of 19 years, Dena Bovee, and we have one beautiful 13 year old daughter.  I had two childern, one daughter, 27, and one son, 25, with my first wife.  Neither are married.  My oldest daughter lives in Brooklyn, NY and is a dancer and my son lives in Denver and is a photographer and manages a art gallery. 

I have lived in various cities in Kansas, Oklahoma and Ohio over the last 40 years, currently living and working in Dublin, Ohio (suburb of Columbus).  I worked for 15 years as an electrician as well as working other construction jobs and worked on 2 different farms in the Manhattan, KS area in the 70's.  I am currently working as a Windows Server Systems Administrator at OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. in Dublin, Ohio where I have been for the last 25 years.  We provide services to libraries worldwide and own the Dewey Decimal System, yes, someone actually owns it. 

I have continued to play drums in many different bands over the years, currently playing with two bands, The Traveling Beatleburys (a George Harrison tribute band) and Laughing Rhino (a British Invasion era insipred band) in the Columbus, Ohio area.  The Traveling Beatleburys just finished playing at the Abbey Road on the River festival (billed as The World's Largest Beatles-Inspired Music Festival, 68 acts from around the world this year) in Louisville, KY May 21 - 25.  The picture is from that festival.  Didn't have a "Then" photo to upload.

I'm sorry that I will miss this reunion as I have never been to any of the others because I never found out about them until after they were held.  Hopefully I will be able to attend one in the future.

I wish everyone a great time this weekend and a big thank you to the orginaziers of this reunion, they have put in a lot of hard work to put this together.
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Frank Gould
2012-08-06 14:30:46
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