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Steve Kottman
2019-09-21 14:58:18
Hello to all!  Sorry to say I will be missing the reunion festivities.  Thought I'd write a short bio covering my life since 1969.  As many of you may recall we were subject to the first year of the draft lottery.  Lucky me I was number 18!  Knowing the draft would come knocking I decided to beat them to the punch and enlist in the Army.  In doing so I could choose my own career path.  I still went kicking and screaming.  Somewhere along the line, however, I was bitten by the patriotism bug.   Following my 4 year stint in the Army I joined the Air Force Reserves.  25 years later I retired from the military with my last position being the Command Chief Master Sergeant of the 442d FW, Whiteman AFB, MO.  Civilian wise, after being discharged from the Army,  I went to work at the U.S. Department of Housing Development under a Veterans Readjustment Appointment.  After serving as a Public Trust Officer/Single Family Loan Specialist I retired after 38 years service.  Now enjoying retired life with my wife of 48 years, Julie (Howlett) Kottman SMN72, and our 3 grand children.  Love her to death and I couln't have survived the journey without her!  To close I just want to say thank you to all that have served and made this country stronger.  Have a great time at the reunion! Send Steve a MessageSend Steve a Message
Steven Kottman
2018-11-02 12:07:49
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Deborah Jean (Lane)
2019-07-29 21:14:06
It will be great to connect once again.  Thank you for pulling this together. Send Deborah a MessageSend Deborah a Message
robert larsen
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2019-07-02 18:35:18
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Joanne Lasley (Lasley Hensley)
2012-08-06 14:30:41
Joyce and I had fun last summer hearing the stories about friends at the '68 reunion and pouring over our old yearbooks (the stories from our older brother). Our class will have great stories to share too!

I currently live in northern virginia .
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Steve Levit
2012-07-12 13:04:39
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Alice Kirk (Lewis)
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2012-08-06 14:45:20

I am married with 2 grown kids, Zachary 33 & my stepdaughter, Janelle 38. Looking forward to the reunion. Hope there will be name tags. 

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Lance Lance Lichtor (Lichtor)
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2012-08-06 14:30:41
Thanks for organizing this web site. I am not sure I can make it to the reunion since there's another I have at the same time. Send Lance a MessageSend Lance a Message
Bill Lile
2012-08-06 14:36:04
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John Lindbloom
2012-08-06 14:45:20
Hi Classmates!
   Debbie thanks for the call.   So glad you and Don are living a great life, together!  Also, want to thank you and Cindy for being so kind to me during the crazy college days.  Class acts all the way! 
    I have a special appreciation for my SMN classmates, as I lost my Father, senior year and am forever grateful for the many acts of kindness from all my friends at North.  (Where is Kathy Liljestrand?) I've seen several locals over the years and all have become friendly, thoughtful and caring adults- way cool!
   Very saddened to read about the passing of Fat Matt, aka Buffalo Chips and Steve Smith.  Talk about two life forces and terribly funny.  Matt was a good friend.  He had a lot of fun running the lights in our band.   He was a great artist.  Both are sorely missed.
   I won't make this reunion, as I'm visiting my daughter and this is the only time we can meet this year.  So, I wish all of you the very best.  May you and your Families be Blessed in all ways!!!


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Cindy Garrett (Lively)
2012-08-06 12:41:02
As I live in the southwest now, this is a great way to find some friends I have lost contact with.  Thanks for creating the website:)

I won't be able to attend the reunion, but I will be in town the weekend of May 23rd for my niece's graduation from KSU.
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Ingrid Johnson (Logan)
2018-10-17 09:36:43
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James Lynch
2018-11-01 11:37:12
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Loretta Macek
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2012-08-06 14:32:31
On early fall mornings, I can hear the SMN marching band rehearsing on the field; I live in Mission. Brings back football season memories... Send Loretta a MessageSend Loretta a Message
Danna Brugger (Maloney)
2012-08-06 12:28:15
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Chip Martin
2012-07-12 13:16:56
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Ray Martin
2012-08-06 14:40:44
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Rick Martin
2012-08-06 14:45:21
June 6, 2009 I was planning on making it back there.  I'm really sorry I'm missing it.  But my oldest daughter is in town from the east coast, and since I see her rarely these days, I wanted to stay in here in Portland.   Jo just finished up medical school at Johns Hopkins and will be staying there for her residency in dermatology.   My other daughter, Caitlin, is in her first year as an investment banker, working for Lazard in London.   Unfortunately, we see her even less.  It sure is nice to have skype to be able to visit with her. We moved up to Portland from Los Angeles 13 years ago because we wanted to raise our daughters somewhere other than LA.  I spent 10 years helping coach softball; Caitlin was recruited to play at Colgate.   Professionally, I'm still a geek, and am doing software.  Currently, I'm working for a company that sells web categorization software that tries to help keep the net safe for children.  It's an odd world out there -- we're seeing sites that teach kids how to hide cutting and bulimia from their parents.   Now that our children are raised (best thing I ever did), I've started picking my instruments up again more.  I'm playing clarinet is a local concert band, and playing jazz rhythm guitar in a couple of jams around town. Hopefully, I won't have to wait 20 years for the next reunion. Send Rick a MessageSend Rick a Message
Wade (Chip) Martin
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2019-06-13 09:47:27
Kudos to all who are planning this event!
I'm on call that weekend but think I can make the reunion and look forward to it.
Since SMN, I finished college and medical school at KU, followed by residency in Internal Medicine in St. Louis in 1980. 
Then I followed my passion with National Institutes of Health-supported research fellowships in exercise biochemistry and physiology at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, where I also completed a clinical fellowship in cardiology.
Came back to St. Louis and since 1985 I've been an attending cardiologist at Barnes Jewish Hospital, the St. Louis VA Hospital and a full-time faculty member of the Washington University School of Medicine, where I'm currently Professor of Medicine.
I met my lovely wife, Mary, in 1992, and we've been married for 20 years.
Mary is an RN and has 2 grown daughters, ages 45 and 37. 
No kids of my own, except for the dozens of Washington University and St. Louis University medical students, medical residents, cardiology fellowship trainees, graduate students, and PhD post-doctoral fellows that I've had the privilege and pleasure of mentoring over the years and who now live all over the world, and who we sometimes visit, time permitting.
It's been a blast teaching and practicing medicine alongside such creative and talented colleagues, but especially conducting exercise and other medical research with some of the best scientists in the world, publishing and presenting our findings at scientific meetings.
Rather regretably, however, the United States has a healthcare system twice as expensive as other developed nations, the poorest longevity of all of them, and one of the most sedentary, obese populations in the world. Hopefully, some of the fabulous health effects of life-long high-intensity interval training that I first experienced at SMN and then on KU's track team, can be translated on a more widespread basis to the practice of medicine.
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Drew Masters
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2012-08-06 14:32:31
I plan to attend the 40th events and will bring my current wife.  

BTW, this is not my wife in the photo!!   Advanced age has brought the wisdom to clarify such issues when it involves your spouse!!

After a few false starts, I ended up managing commercial real estate.  Drivers licenses in seven states, with two states twice.  I have lived in the New York City area (CT/NJ) for the last 22 years and worked in or out of NYC during that period.  I have stories about Manhattan including 9/11/01.

After my second period of unemployment in five years, we have decided to relocate to KC.  So, I hope to schedule some interviews when we are in town for the reunion.

Two grown children from first marraige and no grands.

Looking forward to catching up.  Now,  I just have to lose 20 lbs by June!!!
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Paul McAnaw
2012-08-06 14:30:41
Wow! As soon as I saw the email from Pam Adams, I knew who it was and what it had to be about. I will be there. 40 years. Amazing. Send Paul  a MessageSend Paul a Message
Paul McAnaw
2012-07-27 18:01:59
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Doug McGuinn
2018-10-16 20:30:07
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Jaima Kelley (McGuire)
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2012-08-06 14:45:21
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Jaima Kelley (McGuire)
2019-06-05 10:22:40
It’s fun getting in touch with old friends from school. Can you believe it’s been 50 years?? I do suppose there’s been many things happen in those 50 years!

I had 3 grown daughters,  8 grandkids all boys except for twin girls, and 6 great grands.

I’ve lived in Butler, Mo for 46 years.  I was a dental office manager for 24 years.
Although I’m retired now,  I stay active with all the kids and traveling to visit friends and family.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone that I can remember, that is!!
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Claudia Strouse (McVicker)
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2019-02-20 08:07:09
I went to K-State to become an elementary teacher, taught for a few years in Washington State, and went back to K-State for a Ph.D. and became a professor at KSU, Ball State, and Southern Illinois. Back in Kansas City now to help my mom and be close to my son, Luke and daughter, Missy & two grandchildren. So now, I am teaching at what I call the 'last best place" William Jewell College. Send Claudia a MessageSend Claudia a Message
Miriam Bein (Mercer)
2012-08-06 12:29:47
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Miriam Bein (Mercer)
2019-11-23 20:17:38
The reunion sounds wonderful I'm sorry I couldn't make it. I look forward to hearing from lots of classmates. I've retired after 32 years of teaching 5-6 graders. My husband Jim is still a part time accountant. Our Andrew has his meteorology doctorate and is a professor and researcher at Mississippi State. Our daughter Laura has earned her Masters in administrative of education. She has 4 young boys who are all diagnosed with autism. Her house is so much fun to visit. Between traveling to see 7 grandchildren then going to Northern Illinois where my parents just celebrated their 70th anniversary.  Send Miriam a MessageSend Miriam a Message
dan messer
2012-08-06 14:32:31
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Dennis Meyers
2019-02-20 08:08:10
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