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Marsha Bainbridge (Carpenter)
Kudos to all of you who have put together this reunion!  Looks like we still are an amazing class, huh?  I love seeing how the talents and giftings apparent in HS have led each one along fascinating paths.  I'm savoring the opportunity to hear from many of you and catch up.  Yes, I'll be there!! 

Life brings many challenges, and mine has been full of those like most of you.  But overall I consider myself very blessed, and enriched by the good and tough times alike.  In my early college years I lived and studied in the developing world.  That experience merged with my faith led me into medicine.   I returned to KU for my premed and med, then to Detroit for residency, then to Texas for general pediatric practice.  A failed marriage postponed family for some time, but eventually I met my husband Jim and at 37 and 41 we were blessed with healthy daughters.  Being a part of their growth and development has been a most wonderful experience. They are now juniors in HS and college.   My interests in pediatrics became more focused and in my 50's I subspecialized in developmental-behavioral issues.  This led to my current employment in a hospital devoted to children with disabilities, a position which keeps me focused on my mission each day to help children with academic problems be successful, and allows me to pass that knowledge on to residents and other physicians. 

Many times I have told my daughters how important it is to keep in touch with childhood friends.  We didn't have the technology then, but we do now.  I hope to renew friendships with some of you whom I have missed these years.
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John Casper
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Carlos Cespedes
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Michael Chafin
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Jamie Chapman
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Jim Chritton
Been a long time, first 10 years reunion. Looking forward to seeing old friends. Been in the computer field for 25 years now, enjoy it a lot.

Photos later
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Nancy Johnson (Clark)
I am really looking forward to this reunion.  Like most of you, my years at SMN were a wonderful time.  I left North and went to Emporia where I met my husband Steve.  We married and went on the road for several years, then lived in Houston, and now Hackett, AR.  Life has been good to us and very interesting all along the way.  We have 3 sons,  2 daughters-in law and 3 grandchildren.  I am a high school English teacher which is both the good and the bad news.  Thanks to everyone who has helped to make this reunion possible. Can't wait to tell old stories and share new ones.  Send Nancy a MessageSend Nancy a Message
Bobbi Gordon (Cook)
Looking forward to seeing if I can remember anybody--and if they can remember me!   Thanks for doing all of this...  Send Bobbi a MessageSend Bobbi a Message
Darrell Cossairt

First of all, Kudos to all who worked on this website.  The site is wonderful and I have enjoyed reading the entries. I look forward to catching up with you all at the reunion.  As for me….well, I got married AGAIN.  I guess this time it took as Katy and I celebrated 20 years of marriage in February. We live in Olathe and have two wonderful daughters, 19 & 17, two cats, and a dog. The 19 year old has moved out and the 17 year old is set to go to KU this fall.  I have worked for the state of Kansas for 23 years now, most recently at the Osawatomie State Hospital, as a program consultant. My favorite thing about working at the state hospital is I get to go home every evening. There will be a big fight if they ever try to take my keys! (It was pointed out to me they have a room for people who fight a lot) Actually, as I look back, my time spent at SMN prepared me very well for a career working with the mentally ill…er… government! I do stay in touch with some of the old gang and will pass the information on to them about the reunion…I look forward to seeing you all in June.

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Joyce Fanning (Cronin)
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