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Cheri Brooks (Stubblefield)
Great job on the web site!  I'm sure the reunion events will be equally cool.  Looking forward to seeing everyone and hearing your stories.  We'll all have much to share, what with 40 years of experience to draw from.  And btw, the photos already posted are a real treat, so I'll post mine soon.  Thanks for making all of this happen! Send Cheri a MessageSend Cheri a Message
Sally Mann (Sughroue)

This site is just way too much fun!!  I'll be checking in frequently to see who's back in touch.  Not sure if I'll make the reunion or not so all information here  will be savored like fine wine - :)!  

Nancy Wagner, I know you're out there somewhere!! 

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Susan Beard (Summerlin)
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Mark Swanstrom
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I enjoyed the 60th BD celebration in Mission. I wished a few more classmates could have joined in, but it was a fun group anyway. 
I am keeping busy in gov't R&D in Wash DC until I retire from 2nd career in next couple years. I can then see my 5 granchildren on a more regular basis. Here is a 2003 picture with my wife when I retired from Marines. I was skinny back then!     

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Margaret Briguglio (Swetnam)
I'm married to Mike Swetnam, SMN66, and we live in Tucson, Arizona where I teach fitness classes.  Am looking forward to becoming reacquainted with some of you, and meeting everyone else! Send Margaret a MessageSend Margaret a Message
Debbi Hydeman (Swirczynski)
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Roger Tarbutton
I also have fond memories from SMN and hope to attend some of the festivities.  After some twists and turns in the road of life and almost as an afterthought I attended law school and have been employed in the profession for 30 yrs., the last 20 at the county counselors office in Olathe where I work with several county departments.  Along the way I married an SMS graduate (Ruth) and have a daughter (Sharon) who is graduating from KU in May.  Hope to retire in a couple of years and begin a new career, perhaps in a more right brain pursuit.  Will post a now photo when I find one that does me justice! Send Roger a MessageSend Roger a Message
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This photo was taken last December at the Mayor's Christmas tree lighting at Crown Center. It includes my wife of 39 years, Debbie, a SMW69 graduate, and my three grandchildren, Noah 9, Emma, 5 and Payten 19 months

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Joyce Shepherd (Templeton)
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Julia Terry
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So sorry to have missed the reunion, but am enjoying the photo's placed here.  Additionally sad to read the Remembrances group, so many gone.

Have gone back and read all the postings, and lo and behold, two of us (Skip Carleton and I) have ended up in Northern California doing the same thing for a living, Professional Land Surveyor's (PLS after our name).  It has been great to read where everybody is and what they have done and are doing now.  Sherry Hilleary respomnded to an email from me saying there is hope to get a 60th birthday get together going.  I hope to make that one.
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