September 18, 2021
1 Month and 23 days left
until our reunion.

It's time to Celebrate!
We are so excited to announce our upcoming, all-class, 70th Birthday Party event. The party will be on Saturday evening, September 18th starting at 5PM.  It'll be at the BrewLab in Overland Park - the same place where we held our 50th class reunion way back in 2019.

The Class of '68 is also attending!
We also thought we'd double the fun by inviting the SMN Class of 1968 to join us since their scheduled party could not be held last year.

Register Now and Win!
will be special birthday cakes for both classes. And while there's no admission charge (everyone will handle their own food and beverage purchases), we need you to RSVP using the link to the left as soon as you can. If you do so before the end of August, you'll automatically be registered to win some fantastic door prizes. 

Do it now. We can't wait to have some social interaction - and doing so together with you sounds absolutely perfect! 


So, what else do we want you to know?

•  We continue compiling a list of classmates who have expressed specific interest in being part of these Kansas City area periodic get-togethers. If you are interested but have not yet been contacted via email, please let us know through the “Contact Us” side tab on the website. We want to continue the fun and friendships renewed at the 50th reunion.

•  We hope you're enjoying the newsletters - look for these quarterly publications filled with interesting information about classmates and announcements about other group activities.  We're thinking about a tour to The Nelson-Atkins Art Museum (led by our own docent, Sandie Davisson Kelly), group excursions to special exhibits at Union Station, happenings at the Kauffman, and organized trips to plays and musicals at North. Other suggestions are welcomed.

•  Check out our 50th Reunion Photo Book. Classmate Paul Arnold has put together an amazing 86-page album chronicling the entire weekend. Navigate to his website (click here) for more details.
•  "You say it's your birthday!" 2021 is the perfect year to begin notifying one another of monthly birthdays. Watch your email to see who's on the birthday list for the month! This is just another way to create community within our class. 
Let's Stay in Touch
This website will continue to serve as our central communication hub. Use it to tell us what’s happening in your life or to reach out to someone you’ve been thinking about. 


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